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Hint: we are celebrating high integrity, high performance developers of people!

Calm: How have they led their teams through difficult circumstances?
Empathy: Do they truly seek to understand the challenges their team faces?
Respect: Do they treat teams with respect, and enjoy their mutual respect in return?
Humility: Are they servant-leaders who recognize the strengths of their team members?
Nonjudgement: Are they positive and unbiased in evaluating ideas and performance?
Caring: Do they truly care about their employees, seeing them as unique individuals?
Excellence: Do they raise the bar of excellence for other leaders in the organization?
Leads by Example: Do they understand that leading by example is much more than just working hard?

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Calm  |  Empathy  |  Respect
Humility  |  Nonjudgement
Caring  |  Excellence
Leads by Example
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